Counter-Terrorism & Cyber Security

Initial Needs Assessment:

Our team will construct a plan for implementing measures to protect your organization against threats unique to your industry, location(s), and personnel and will build upon your existing resources while identifying vulnerabilities to address.

Training & Certification:

Our team will prepare your personnel with the skills and education needed to maintain awareness of persisting threats to your organization, and to know how to combat via both proactive and reactive measures. Based on your unique area of business we will design a customized curriculum and protocol that will allow your organization to certify individuals as equipped with a range of competencies relevant and necessary to combating threats specific to your interests, and leading others to do the same.

Emergency Response Planning:

Our team will prepare your organization for a catastrophic event with a blueprint for how to respond in a way to mitigate the consequences and protect your personnel and assets.

Asset Validation:

For those operating in law enforcement or security, leverage our team’s years of experience to affirm or disprove the legitimacy of a human source, or intelligence derived from other methods.

Social Media Analysis & Investigation:

Our cyber and social media experts will help your organization evaluate, monitor, and interpret trends in social media activity conducted by nefarious individuals or groups seeking to utilize the internet to do harm against your organization and its assets.

Finished Intelligence Analysis:

For those operating in law enforcement or security, utilize our team’s years of experience to analyze intelligence collected by your organization as a means to bolster key takeaways and the bottom line for presentation to key decision makers.